Voices in Harmony
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Upcoming Performances
Christmas Concert 2017
Saturday, December 16, 2017
3 pm
Woodroffe United Church

See you there!

Can you find the Roger's TV cameras at our concert December 19, 2015?
The Voices in Harmony logo portrays an innovative image of the group to its audience.
The tulip symbolizes Ottawa, which is known for its Tulip Festival. The flower is also a representation of the beauty and harmony of nature which resembles the  qualities of the chorus.
The colour red represents Canada and the passion the group demonstrates at each of their performances.
The clef sign is embedded in the flower as a musical symbol. The white colour also adds some light to the logo and creates a visual point of interest.
The mixture of two fonts helps to create a perfect combination between the classic typeface and a more personal handwriting touch.
The font “Palatino Linotype“ is classy and contemporary at the same time. “Notera” font impresses a more casual and relaxed feeling for Voices in Harmony.
Voices in Harmony thanks Alicia Paloukas, creative director of Spire Design (spiredesign.ca) for her imaginative work in designing our logo.
  Tel: 613-983-8521